The following resources cover the entrepreneur, innovation and pertinent aspects of venture development practices. We hope these will help widen the general knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation and so help aspiring entrepreneurs and their companies appreciate some of the important criteria by which venture opportunities are selected and managed.


We wish to distill further relevant learning and working knowledge and, over time, build this as a resource base to drive awareness and education of start-ups and innovative ventures. 

- Timmon's Model of the Entrepreneurial Process (pdf)
- The Dynamics of Innovation (pdf)
- Evaluating Venture Opportunities (pdf)
- Technological Discontinuities and the Return on R&D (pdf)
- Developing the Business Plan (pdf)
- VC Termsheet Overview (pdf)
- Overview of Venture Investment Documentation (pdf)
- Points to consider in M&A process (pdf)
- Valuing Mergers & Acquisitions (pdf)
- To Whom are Boards Accountable? (pdf)

- Comprehensive Selectivity & Support Model of Venture Development (pdf)