The economic principles associated with the knowledge economy are different from those in the industrial economy. One, there is unlimited scope for discovering new scientific discoveries, ideas, software, new recipes. Second, the number of people that can use any given innovation is effectively infinite.


This means its value increases with adoption (unlike a barrel of oil or land when used is depleted). But it is also very hard to control. In some cases, one can protect with copyrights or patents or secrecy, but in most cases one cannot. Hence, managing property rights and capturing value from innovation is much more complicated than capturing value from a piece of land or a building or a piece of equipment.

So, although there is enormous potential from capturing value associated with innovation, entrepreneurs and management will have to exercise a lot of creativity and subtlety in finding ways to control and extract value from it.


Innovation Ventures provides entrepreneur mentoring, venture management and commercialisation services to companies, government bodies and universities. Our mission focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, managing ideas, strategizing and leveraging intellectual property, developing business models, recruiting management teams, building brand equity, or building the reputation of an enterprise.  


We help entrepreneurs and companies identify and select the opportunity, market research and product develop to test the business concept, formulate the business model and gain resources to build internal capabilities and support network to fully exploit the business opportunity. 


Where a fit with an opportunity exists, we may develop and champion the new venture until the management team is recruited and start-up financing secured.

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