Clients and Partners

Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd

Exploit Technologies is the strategic marketing and commercialization arm of the Agency for Science and Technology Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. Exploit Technologies provides access to Singapore's large pool of intellectual property and knowledge generated by over 2,000 researchers at A*STAR's research institutes. 
Frankie serves as an "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" to Exploit Technologies, providing commercialisation and entrepreneur mentoring services to technology-based ventures arising from A*STAR's research institutes.  
National University of Singapore
The National University of Singapore's Faculty of Engineering established the  Division of Engineering & Technology Management (D-ETM) in July 2007 to formalize the Management of Technology (MOT) and Engineering & Technology Management (ETM) programmes to educate engineers/scientists in Singapore to contribute to the management activities associated with bringing high technology and innovation to the marketplace.
Frankie serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor to the Division of Engineering & Technology Management, conducting a post-graduate programme module in Finance for Engineering and Technology Managers. 
Commontown Pte Ltd
Education in general is a major spending category of governments. Schools education is a priority for policymakers because higher education standands are seen as a key strategic weapon against future competition. Governments are increasing the proportion of national budgets in education and continue to priortise schools investment during lean fiscal periods.
Commontown specializes in software and web-based technology services to the academic markets. The company has established a major market position  in Singapore in the area of e-learning and portal development.
Frankie serves on the board of directors of Commontown Pte Ltd, acting as the nominee director for ETPL Investments Pte Ltd.

D-SIMLAB Technologies Pte Ltd

D-SIMLAB Technologies is the leading provider of high-end simulation-based decision support solutions for Aerospace and Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry. Its mission is to develop, market, and deliver high-performance simulation-based decision support solutions that enable corporations to enhance their performance in a sustainable manner leading to significant cost savings.

Frankie serves on the board of directors of D-SIMLAB Technologies, as a nominee for ETPLI Investments and ETPL Pte Ltd.