Finance for Technology & Engineering Managers

Appended below are the course material that I prepared to teach the module "Finance for Technology & Engineering Managers" at the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Engineering's Department of Engineering Technology Management. The first six sessions of the module are intended to provide the engineering graduate an introduction to corporate finance theory, techniques and tools. The latter three sessions then looked at its practical applications in merger and acquisitions, venture capital, financial strategy and planning.

By the end of the module, course participants would be sufficiently proficient to undertake a research project to evaluate and quantitatively analyse a market opportunity. If you are interested in finance, I think you should be able to benefit from the material, paying particular attention to reviewing the learning objectives available for each session.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to transfer the body of forum discussion on contemporary finance issues (over the seven semesters when the module was delivered) to this website. Notwithstanding, I hope you will still be able to learn much from the formal course material here.